The Advantages

Carroll Campus Development's pre-developed, pre-designed (yet customizable) student housing facility eliminates the risk, high cost and lengthy delivery schedules of the traditional design/bid/build and design/build methods. From development to design and through construction, Carroll Campus Development partners with our clients to cultivate their student housing needs from a vision to the reality of a luxurious, productive and economical facility.

  • Eliminates traditional building risk normally bore by the owner - CCD bears all the development, design and construction risk.
  • Reduces need of dedicated owner resources to manage various building parties: developer, architect, contractor, etc.
  • Condenses long, in-series project schedule of traditional delivery methods.
  • Allows immediate, up-front, lump sum pricing in order to calculate returns on new student revenue.

Cost Advantage

  • Allows for volume discounting
  • Reduces programming and
    design package cost
  • Permits quick material delivery
  • Efficient field construction